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GTSC (Global Translation Services Center) is an organization which has been providing translation and Interpretation/Consultancy services for many years. We are proud to say that we have a skilled and qualified team of translators and editors, the team of more than 300 translators that includes professors and highly educated individuals, trained abroad and inside the country in different fields. Since the establishment in 2001, we have translated thousands of pages of texts in the fields of law, administration/management, medicine, military, and others. Currently, we have service contracts with many organizations and have translated thousands of pages for each of the organization.

GTSC is a private company with a high degree of progressive and professional competence with result oriented performance in our field of specialization. Our organization, which is consisted of a qualified and professional team and by having an outstanding leadership has proofed itself and deserved hallmark in the domestic and international Linguistic Geograhpy.GTSC is capable to accomplish this arduous task in a benefitting and proper manner.GTSC is today one of the most progressive, flourishing, reliable and successful company in the country with excellence repute, symbolic performance and trust. It occupies a unique position of its own in the country. This company is now drawing the attention of international community. GTSC is working with a spirit of competition and excellence in quality conscious market. The name GTSCTranslation itself has now become a hallmark and benchmark for assuring quality with innovative solution in a cost effective manner in the current market.