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Operational Region

“GTSC” is a private, Nongovernmental Translation, Interpretation and Editing Company working in all over the world. Our scope is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and interpret among the nations in order to prevent the misunderstandings and bring generosity, liberty and prosperity to every human being.


We choose the right specialists for your project, having more experts in more languages means that your project is ALWAYS of the highest quality. Even if you have a unique or obscure specialty, we have the right translator for your project. We also provide proof of certification and notarization with all our translationprojects.Specialties include:

·         Legal 

·         Certified Document Translation

·         Medical

·         Web Localization

·         Marketing and PR

·         Technical and many more!



1. Translation               2.  Proofing               3. Edit                 4. QA Check 

With our 4-Step translation process, we can assure accuracy and consistency on every project large or small, regardless of time restrictions or industry. We specialize in over 100 languages and all our translation services include:

·         Translation Performed by Certified and Approved Linguist

·         Third-Party Proofreading performed by Equally Qualified Linguist

·         Expert Desktop Publishing and Editing

·         Final Quality Assurance Check

·         Certification and Notarization

Clients always have access to progress reports via our on-line access site 24/7 and our management software allows us to track each project and translator in each phase of the process.

By assigning deadlines for each step up front, we make sure that as each project progresses we can access up-to-the-minute reports at any time.



First, the document/project is reviewed by our Project Management team and assigned to the translator(s) with expertise in that specialized area.

Next, glossaries and translation memories are compiled for the translator(s) using up-to-date translation software technologies.

Then the translator(s) completes the translation of the document using the tools provided to ensure consistent language and verbiage throughout the document.



After initial translation, a specialized language editor proofreads the document for grammar and overall accuracy.

Understanding that each region is unique in its vernacular, linguistic styles and conventions, we choose editors from the area in which you intend to market your product or services to guarantee that the end product is appropriately localized to your intended market.



Once our language experts have approved the translation, our Desktop Publishing staff formats the translated text to meet a set of visual guidelines.

This takes into account not just the original document, but also, the accepted visual standards for that specific region.

Appropriate visual localization is just as crucial in creating a successful end product as the language translation itself.



Our goal in the QA process is for the end document to appear as though it were created in the target language for that target audience.

Our QA team, comprised of language experts, reviews the document in great detail looking for language, and localization issues.

Once the QA process is complete and the document certified, it is sent to the client for review and revisions



 We’ve serviced over 100 clients since 2001 and have an outstanding on-time delivery record. Each and every project from the smallest business card to events for 100,000 is handled with the same precision management and care.